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Ep 15

June 18, 2021

Words Matter. Language Matters.

Liza Ann Acosta
University Dean, Teatro Luna Ensemble Member


Fiona Kanagasingam
Co-founder, The BIPOC Project


Merle McGee
Co-founder, The BIPOC Project


Lucienne Nicholson
Founder, Inclusive Woods and Us

Headshot of Liza Ann Acosta
Headshot of Fiona Kanagasingam
Headshot of Merle McGee
Headshot of Lucienne Nicholson

Ep 14

April 30, 2021

Intersectional BRG/ERG Solidarity

Stephanie Galera
Global D&I Leader - Workplace Programs & Community Engagement | IBM


Simone Harvey

Black@ Global Co-Lead | Airbnb


Eshani Parikh
Co-Lead LGBTQ+ Affinity Group | HUGE

Tammy Tran

Govt. Relations Sr. Manager | Southern California Edison

Headshot of Stephanie Galera
Headshot of Eshani Parikh
Headshot of Simone Harvey
Headshot of TammyTran

Ep 13

March 26, 2021

Disability Advocacy

Elizabeth "Liz" Campos
Orientation & Mobility Instructor NOMC, Society For The Blind


Kenna Chic

Disability Rights Advocate


Dr. Gabrielle Ficchi
Therapist and Disability Advocate

Eric Harris 

Director of Public Policy, Disability Rights California

Headshot of Elizabeth Campos
Headshot of Dr Gabrielle Ficchi
Headshot of Kenna Chic
Headshot of Eric Harris

Ep 12

January 29, 2021

How Do We Welcome?

Bennish Brown
President/CEO, Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau


Timothy Bush

Chief Tourism Development Officer, One Spartanburg, Inc


Natalie Ringsmuth
Executive Director, UniteCloud


Roni Weiss

Executive Director, Travel Unity

Headshot of Bennish Brown
Headshot of Natalie Ringsmuth
Headshot of Timothy Bush
Headshot of Roni Weiss
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