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Farah standing in the middle of a circle leading a group

Farah is available for a variety of speaking engagements including keynote addresses and panel discussions centered on mindful leadership, women leaders, cultivating company culture, and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).


A sought-after speaker, some of Farah’s notable engagements include Yale University, the Ford Foundation, Voice America, NY Travel Festival, Travel Unity, Adirondack Diversity Initiative Travel Summit, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Asian American Arts Alliance, and Rising Circle Theater among others.


Farah welcomes the opportunity to craft a talk specifically for your group or conference. Below are some topics she has at the ready:

Topics for a General Audience 

  • The Power of Empathy in the Age of AI

  • Fostering an Inclusive Culture 

  • Cultivating a 3-Dimensional Lens to Leadership

  • Human Connection in a Call-out Culture

  • Creativity in Innovation


Topics for Women’s Conferences

  • A Career of Intersecting Disciplines 

  • The Art of Balance

  • Upholding Our Cultural Values

  • Women in Leadership

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"Wherever she goes, Farah Bala is a powerful presence and a force for good. 


In public, her passion for improving the lives of individuals and society at large mesh together with her background in a way that draws in audiences of all types. In private, her ability to collaborate and communicate clearly and honestly make her a valuable guide and partner."

Executive Director
Not-for-profit Organization

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