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At FARSIGHT we draw from behavioral science, social psychology, improvisation and theater and grassroots global anti-oppression practices to create bespoke experiences for your organization. We place emphasis on team growth and development to strengthen the collective purpose, relationship and strategic focus. 


We engage deeply, helping clients identify the strategies and skills needed to create a workplace where people feel valued, excited to contribute, aligned with and supported by management. The outcome is a working environment that helps employees to stay motivated to grow, both personally and professionally.


Each workshop is designed specifically for your needs. The types of workshops and covered topics include (but not limited to):

EDIA Leadership Integration

  • Culture Assessments

  • EDIA Leadership Programming

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)/Business Resource Groups (BRGs) Programs

  • Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions

  • Inclusive Communication

  • Policy & Strategy Partnerships


Leadership Training Workshops

  • Leading with Influence

  • Creativity in Leadership

  • Leading through Organizational Change

  • Creating an Inclusive Organizational Culture

Management Training Workshops

  • Performance Management Essentials

  • Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations

  • Bias Check: Moving from Unconscious to Conscious Decision-making

  • 360 Reviews

Equity, Inclusion, Anti-racism Workshops

  • Building an Inclusive Culture

  • Inclusive Leadership and Accountability

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Understanding Microaggressions

Team-building Workshops

  • Team Building, Skill Building and Relationship Experiences

  • Team Off-Sites and Retreats

  • Communication Essentials

  • Intact Team and Cross-Divisional Team Strategy Development



"Terrific EDIA Leadership Program from my perspective. Thank you FARSIGHT. I have appreciated your professional and thorough approach to the work."

Global Consulting Firm

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