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Coaching is a thought partnership between coach and you, the client, with the sole purpose of supporting you in your journey to achieving your goals. This involves being your biggest cheerleader while objectively identifying dissonance and providing fresh insights on how to overcome the roadblocks in your way. Your coach sees in you what you may or may not see in yourself and helps you unmask thought patterns that hold you back. Importantly, your coach is a confidant who uplifts you in your journey, equipping you with the skills and accountability to fulfill your goals.


A coaching relationship is an intimate one - you want to feel a level of connection and chemistry that can create the strategic thought partnership you are looking for. It is always recommended that you talk to at least 2-3 coaches before making a decision of who to work with.


A coaching journey is for anyone looking to grow professionally and personally in ways that require introspection and a willingness to challenge their own status quo. Our clients include CEOs, executives, founders, entrepreneurs, and creatives across industry as well as those looking to make a fresh start or simply curious about how and where they can continue to evolve.


Depending on the client’s needs, sessions may include enhancing communication skills and presence, relationship building and navigating change. Sessions may also explore ways to create impact and alignment with one’s purpose and vision.

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We believe in cumulative impact. We have seen time and time again the ripple effect mindful leadership has in company morale, team performance and outcomes whether measured by an individual happiness quotient, customer satisfaction or a company’s bottom line. We believe the consciousness of our collective humanity rises in relation to the more thoughtful, intentional and growth-oriented leaders we have in the world.


Every coaching relationship is unique, designed to unlock your own personal leadership style and tailored to your goals. We create a multidimensional roadmap that addresses all aspects of you, your processes, your relationships, your organization. None of it exists in isolation of the other. It is all connected. 


FARSIGHT brings a creative mindset to this process along with evidence-based tools and techniques that help assess and identify current ineffective processes. This makes space for shifts in mindsets and creates new, more constructive ways of working. 


We are also a big proponent of making this a sustainable process for you. Our goal is NOT to have you as a lifetime client. Accountability is a big part of the process, and we support that by ensuring the words, intentions and lessons learned are actionable and followed though.


The most valuable dividends are those invested in yourself. Are you ready to go down the path of self-inquiry, assess your strengths and development opportunities? Are you ready to challenge yourself to step into a space of growth, discovery and evolution?


If you’re curious to know if coaching is right for you, get in touch for an obligation-free discussion.



"Thank you for all you have done to help me grow over the past few years. I have experienced significant development and confidence, reframed so many old stories, with a gigantic shift in my energy levels and agency in communication.  Beyond personal growth in those areas, I am becoming a more inclusive leader, intentionally creating more inclusive practices and being conscious of truly empowering others. Thank you for your coaching and guidance, and walking with me on this journey!"


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