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FARSIGHT is a boutique leadership development and coaching consultancy that prioritizes Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Anti-Oppression (EDIA) as a core competency of leadership. As a certified woman-owned small business, we work with socially conscious business leaders and their teams to create motivating workplace environments that empower all to rise in their talents. Our work is rooted in a simple question, what future do we want to create?


We believe Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Oppression is integrated into the the definition, concept and practice of leadership. To that end we work with clients to redefine what organizational and leadership development means that prioritizes EDIA within their culture, relationships, systems and processes.

Through creative and collaborative thought partnership, we help clients build a values-driven company culture that is sustained throughout the workplace – from mindful people-leadership and inclusive decision-making to customer recognition. Our programs deliver action-oriented insights, human psychology and social emotional learning infused with creativity to create long-lasting impact for all of our clients. Working with business leaders and companies throughout the world, we offer an invitation to collaborate, an invitation to intentionally create a thriving future.


FARSIGHT focuses on the human connection that underpins individual and company success. We help clarify intention and move that into conscious action. We equip clients with the tools to drive meaningful engagement within their organization and that enrich their customer relationships. At FARSIGHT, we co-create with our clients a present and future that cultivates connection, inclusion, motivation, and our collective humanity in the workplace and in life.

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"Our partnership with FARSIGHT over the last two years has been transformative, inspiring, and challenging. Farah and her team have encouraged us to look deeply at the ways our business and mindsets are wired, and to identify new practices to unlock a more inclusive, balanced, healthy, and productive workplace. While our intent has always been good, our impact and behaviors now increasingly align with our values and allow us to live our mission more fully."

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