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EP 14    |   April 30, 2021

Intersectional BRG /
ERG Solidarity

Stephanie Galera
Global D&I Leader - Workplace Programs & Community Engagement | IBM

Eshani Parikh

Co-Lead LGBTQ+ Affinity Group | HUGE

Simone Harvey

Black@ Global Co-Lead | Airbnb

Tammy Tran
Govt. Relations Sr. Manager | Southern California Edison

In the current climate of escalating Anti-Black, Anti-Asian, Anti-LGBTQ+ hate, crimes and racism, the role of Business Resource Groups (BRG), Employee Resource Groups (ERG), Employee Networks within organizations is even more crucial. Through an intersectional lens we look at BRG/ERG Solidarity and what it takes to be an upstander for each other within an organization. What possibilities open up when BRG/ERGs work together with each other and for each other?

This Episode covers:

  • How to engage your company in your BRG

  • How to create cross BRG connections

  • How to encourage authentic BRG participation

  • How to develop leadership using BRGs

  • How to create allies in the workplace using BRGs

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