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Transparent collage of diverse headshots
Farsight Friday logo in red and blue

EP 15   |   June 18, 2022

Words Matter.
Language Matters.

Liza Ann Acosta
University Dean, Teatro Luna Ensemble Member

Merle McGee
Co-founder, The BIPOC Project

Fiona Kanagasingam
Co-founder, The BIPOC Project

Lucienne Nicholson
Founder, Inclusive Woods and Us

Colored people. People of Color, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), People of the Global Majority. Language has erased history, culture and communities, AND played a pivotal role in making historically marginalized individuals and groups feel acknowledged, valued, respected. The evolution of language has had critical impact on our collective journey towards fostering equity, inclusion, belonging, for and across all identities. How does language create even more nuance and understanding of our history, behavior, identity in today's cultural (r)evolution? What does it take to course-correct the language of the past?

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