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EP 30  |  December 15, 2023

Lily Zheng 

DEI Strategist, Consultant, Speaker, Author


Farah Bala

Founder & CEO | FARSIGHT

Lily headshot 2023.png
Headshot of Farah Bala

As we close out 2023, let's look at how we did as leaders and practitioners! What worked, what didn't, and what else needs focus for 2024?

This conversation covers...

  • Author And DEI Consultant, Lily Zheng's new book, "Reconstructing DEI"

  • How successful we were in weaving the concepts and practices of EDIA into daily leadership behaviors, and within our systems and policies in 2023.

  • Redefining accountability and effectively measuring our outcomes

  • Avoiding the weaponizing of psychological safety and cancel culture behaviors

  • Avoiding burnout by setting healthy boundaries and creating long-term plans for our engagement in societal change

  • And much more!


Lily's new workbook is a must for any practitioner! Get your copy HERE

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