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EP 7    |   July 17, 2020

Self-Care: A Revolutionary Practice

Dr. Gulrukh Bala
Healer, Author, Founder - Heartlight Ascension 

Dr. Melba Nicholson Sullivan
People, Culture & Systems Consultant

Joan Henry
(Tsalagi / Nde’ / Arawaka) | Traditional Song-Carrier & Elisi (Grandmother)

Farah Bala

Founder - Farsight

Mindfulness has been made a prominent and palatable concept through recent years, Its origin, however, lies in rich global histories of spirituality and culture. Mother Earth is currently healing itself from trauma we have inflicted on her through generations, while our humanity attempts to dismantle the historic trauma of oppression. There is no better time to remind ourselves of the roots of self care and nourishment towards healing and balance of ourselves and our communities.

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