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EP 28  |  September 22, 2023

Dr. Rohini Anand 

Founder & CEO | Rohini Anand LLC


Farah Bala

Founder & CEO | FARSIGHT

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Headshot of Farah Bala

The concepts and systems of equity, inclusion, and diversity vary in different parts of the world. What are some best practices and missed opportunities? The core competencies needed for success strategies, and the agility needed to move through different regions within the same company. In today's global marketplace, it is an organizational imperative to consider the future of global equity and inclusion through a leadership lens. There is much learning and development in store for us all, especially as the socio-cultural and political landscape keep shifting in our time.


In this nuanced conversation we look at:

  • how diversity, inclusion and equity look different in different parts of the world, and how that impacts business practices

  • the importance of emerging global intersectional identities in our cultures and workplaces

  • the role of laws and quotas specific to various countries that prioritize specific dimensions of diversity in society and our organizations.

  • the varied processes of connecting local and global practices that drive equity and inclusion and much more!

  • And much more!

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