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EP 27  |  August 25, 2023

Dr. Saliha Bava 

Co-founder | Relational Workplace


Farah Bala

Founder & CEO | FARSIGHT

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Healthy cultures that prioritize inclusion and belonging at work are not only created through systems and processes. More importantly, they are created on a micro, interpersonal level, where every member of an organization has the capacity to change or transform its culture. It starts and ends with how we build relationality with each other. No matter role, seniority, or tenure, HOW we choose to show up with each other, connect, communicate, and build trust and relationships, determines the resilience and health of a culture. Relationality is a superpower for an organization, especially when going through periods of change or challenges, or uncertainty. What specifically does it take to harness the skills that build relationality?

This conversation also covers:

  • the distinction between relationality and relationship

  • the importance of building relational intelligence through some key skills and practices

  • the role of societal norms, systems, and structures that either help or hinder the creation of a healthy culture

  • what it takes to move through difficult conversations, especially when one is triggered

  • And much more!


The Relational Workplace

How to Fix a Toxic Culture

Collaborative Dialogue Network

Taos Institute Commons

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