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EP 23   |   March 24, 2023

Cheryl Kern
Vice President, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 

Nerissa Morris
Senior VP & CHRO -
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Tanya Reu-Narvaez  Chief People Officer  Anywhere Real Estate

with Farah Bala


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This crucial conversation investigates the current partnership between HR and EDIA within an organization.

We explore ways in which the HR and EDIA relationship can be successful towards creating systemic shifts towards organizational equity and psychological safety, as well as the typical pitfalls that currently exist within this relationship that impede progress and organizational change.

This conversation also covers:

- The evolution of HR in the last decade, and the essential advocacy and sponsorship of EDIA within its processes and capabilities.
- The focus on people-first mindset in leadership, and importance of building strategic planning tied to the business, operations and vision
- ownership and sponsorship of EDIA by the entire organization, not just HR or EDIA
- The courage, resilience, rigor and authenticity to create the most impactful HR -EDIA partnership, and what gets in the way
- how EDIA practitioners can set themselves up for success within their strategy and mindset
- advice and best practices for professionals looking to enter HR and EDIA

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