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EP 22   |   December 9, 2022

Fatigue & Repair on the Road to EDIA

Lily Zheng
DEI Consultant, & Strategist, Author ll

with Farah Bala


Headshot of Lily Zheng
Head shot of Farah Bala

Advocacy within organizations and society towards equity, inclusion and psychological safety is often considered the 'cool' thing to focus on, or a box to check off, among other misnomers. In reality, all EDIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Oppression) practitioners & leaders, however senior within their organizations, experience high levels of burnout, fatigue and disillusionment on their journey. Some might have to step away from the work completely. Why is that? Because an advocate's role involves constantly meeting with resistance, defensiveness, scarcity and protections of old systems that center the needs of a select few. It is not enough to create roles within organizations for heads of EDIA, without shifting how we engage with, and prioritize that role. What does the act of repair of burnout and fatigue look like in the long term?

This episode explores:

- The importance of tangible hope rooted in efficacy

- How to pair specific problems to effective solutions

- The varied faces of fatigue within advocacy and equity work

- The link between fatigue, inaction, and ineffective interventions

- Strategies to collectively heal from burnout and change inequitable systems

- How to address both restorative justice and transformational justice in our organizations


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