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EP 20   |   October 14, 2022

Inclusive Leadership

Jennifer Brown
Founder & CEO - Jennifer Brown Consulting, Speaker, Best-selling Author

with Farah Bala


Headshot of Jennifer Brown
Headshot of Farah Bala

Inclusive Leadership is a core competency essential for every leader and organization. The accelerated emphasis on this has helped move conversations and systems along over the last few years, but there is always further to go. How can leaders discern between performative inclusion that centers self-interest, and the daily practice of inclusion that centers the collective, whether an organization or a society? What are the essential qualities we must embody on this journey of Inclusive Leadership? What are the intentional actions and behaviors needed to ensure that we are bringing everyone along?

This episode covers:

  • the urgency for all leaders to be inclusive leaders

  • the Inclusive Leader Continuum

  • pulling out of old systems and charting new leadership pathways

  • how imposter syndrome impedes one's capacity to be inclusive

  • the power of partnerships and teamwork

  • knowing when to hand over power to others


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