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EP 2    |   May 29, 2020

Allyship Series: Intersectional Solidarity - Part 2

Linda Akutagawa
President & CEO - Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics - LEAP

Farah Bala
Founder - Farsight

Russell G. Jones
Founder & Chief of Pedagogy - Blind Spot Experience

Headshot of Linda Akutagawa
Headshot of Russell G Jones
Headshot of Farah Bala

Our historically marginalized Black, Latinx, and Native-American communities have been hit the hardest since March, the global pandemic has given new fuel for Asian American hate to escalate. This moment is an opportunity for us - as leaders, citizens, humans to reflect on and conceive what systemic dismantling and intersectional restructuring looks like during this disruption. What myths holding us back need to be dispelled, and what might it look like to truly work together as we rebuild? Our allyship series first explores how we choose - with intention - to rebuild a more socially interconnected and equitable society.

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