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EP 19   |   September 16, 2022

Employee Resource Groups

Farzana Nayani
DEI Consultant & Author

with Farah Bala

Headshot of Farzana Nayani
Headshot of Farah Bala

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have historically been foundational in creating environments of inclusion and belonging within an organization, with an alignment to said organizational goals, EDIA strategy, mission and initiatives. There are many terms that get used interchangeably with ERGs: Affinity Groups, Business Resource Groups (BRGs), Employee Networks(ENs) etc, and each of them have unique nuances to how these intentional gatherings based on self-identified shared identities are formed and executed. In a time when the inequities of the last few years have transformed the workplace, harnessing the full potential of Employee Resource Groups can truly accelerate healthy, inclusive workplace cultures. Inclusive cultures lead to successful, conscious organizations, that influence the well-being of our broader communities and society.

This episode covers:

  • The importance and impact of ERGs

  • How leadership sponsors can support the needs and desires of ERGs

  • Farzana’s 5 P’s to successfully operate an ERG

  • Developing leadership through ERG participation

  • The difference between authentic change and performative practices 

Get the book & support your local bookstore HERE, HERE, or HERE

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