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EP 17   |   July 15, 2022

Healthy Masculinity

Dr. Stephen Burrell
Researcher, Author - Durham University

Daniel Castillo
Co-Founder - Castillo Consulting Partners

Mark Greene
Author, Speaker - Remaking Manhood

Pheng Thao
Co-founder - Man Forward ​

This conversation covers:

  • the historical messaging of masculinity based on identities and geographies

  • the culture of dominance based masculinity and its violence-based impact on boys and men,

  • accountability practices to reimagine a future of healthy masculinity that serves as a force for good

  • what caregivers and parents can do in raising young boys today and much more!



Catalyst | Masculine Anxiety - An overlooked factor in men's reluctance to interrupt sexism

Global Health 50/50 | The Sex, Gender and Covid 19 Project


World Health Organization | Global, regional and national estimates for intimate partner violence against women and global and regional estimates for non-partner sexual violence against women


UN Women UK Report by APPG | Prevalence and reporting of sexual harassment in UK public spaces


What Trauma Looks like for Incarcerated Men | A study of men's lifetime trauma exposure in 2 state prisons


Streetbeefs Westcoast Impact Report


Deep Secrets by Niobe Way

When Boys Become Boys by Judy Chu

Remaking Manhood resources:

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