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Transparent collage of diverse headshots
Farsight Friday logo in red and blue

EP 10    |   September 11, 2020

White Identity in 2020

Jane Rosenzweig
Diversity / Equity / Inclusion Practitioner

Michael Robertson
Deputy Director, artEquity

Krissy Shields

Wellness expert, Founder, Maha Mama

Farah Bala

Founder & CEO –  Farsight

2020 and the onset of two pandemics has enabled a sharp shirt in consciousness when it comes to equity, inclusion and leading with an antiracist lens. Our White community is at various stages of learning and activation. It ranges from feeling overwhelmed, paralyzed and staying silent, to self organizing and relearning history, using one’s voice and privilege to challenge systemic racism within organizations, communities, and on the streets. What does it mean to be a White ally/advocate/antiracist practitioner in 2020? Where does one start? What does the journey involve?

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